Sweet Potato Avocado Snack

In these cold days, I want to eat something warm but not too heavy. And lately, I’ve discovered this as I call it Sweet Potato Avocado Snack. I thought what if I combine my favorite sweet potato with a love of my life – avocado) And these two are perfectly matched.


Berry Nutty Smoothie Bowl

Here in California days are getting colder but it’s still sunny. So I want to eat smoothie bowls all the time. This berry nutty smoothie bowl is so good and so full of vitamins that your body needs these autumn days. Add some coconut vibes and you will feel it’s still summer.


Galavasana Flying Pigeon

There was a time when I did not like Flying Pigeon so much. My hips were not open enough, my core and my hands were too weak to lift myself up and my mind was saying nope I’m not going to do that… But through regular practice of my body and my mind, I am able to do this pose now… Believe in yourself and you are already in a halfway there…