Lemonade | Refreshing Drink

Hi, Everybody! Today is one of those beautiful summer days in California! Now I enjoy my delicious morning cup of coffee in my favourite place in Walnut Creek and writing this post. I love mornings, especially in the summer. When you wake up, open a window, take a long inhale and feel that freshness in the air, taking slow exhale, smile and you realise that happiness is in small things. I hope your day is beautiful and if you need some refreshing drink these hot summer days here is the recipe of my favourite lemonade with no sugar in it. To make it you will need:


1 Orange
1 lime
1 Lemon
Honey as much as you want
300-400 ml water

Squeeze juice from an orange, lime, and lemon. Add honey, mint, ice, and water. And enjoy your lemonade.



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