Berry Nutty Smoothie Bowl

Here in California days are getting colder but it’s still sunny. So I want to eat smoothie bowls all the time. This berry nutty smoothie bowl is so good and so full of vitamins that your body needs these autumn days. Add some coconut vibes and you will feel it’s still summer.


Ricotta Almond Tart | Healthy Breakfast and Dessert

Today I made for breakfast this delicious Ricotta Almond Tart. It’s not too sweet, light and it just melts in your mouth. For the breakfast, I prefer having not only smoothies and acai bowls but also I love to bake something. Especially when getting colder it’s so nice to feel a smell of a tart from the oven. You will need some time to make this tart but it’s so worth it. I know it’s a time when nobody has time. But it’s not true. It’s all about your priorities to do what matters to you. Make a nice home breakfast, or this tart can be a dessert, for you and for your family. So you will need:


Baked Apples | Vegan Breakfast

I know that a baked apples maybe are not that kind of a summer breakfast that you want in these hot summer days. But I’ve wanted to make it for a long time and today is a day. Morning with no rush, with a fresh air and a smell of fresh baking on my kitchen. I’ve not posted for a while I know. My husband’s parents were visiting us so I was a little bit busy showing them what a beautiful city San Francisco is. We are not planning to visit a new countries this summer and will spend it here in Cali. But I would like to hear what’s your plans this summer?

And yes, here is a recipe of baked apples). Let me know what do you think about it šŸ˜‰


Turmeric Mango Smoothie Bowl

Good morning, World! I’ve heard so much about turmeric but never tried it. Today is a day and I’ve made this turmeric mango smoothie bowl. What can I say? Turmeric is a very useful for your health. It’s a powerful antioxidant, it can prevent cancer and it cleanses and purifies theĀ blood. It also have a specific taste). It tastes something similar to ginger for me. But mango and bananas add sweetness to this smoothie bowl so it would be a good idea for your quick and easy breakfast. You will need just several ingredients.


Rice Pudding with Mango Sauce

Today the weather is cloud so let’s make a sunny breakfast. Today I’ve made a rice pudding. Rice is a good for your digestive system especially in the morning. It fills you with an energy for a whole day. Fruits fill your body with a bunch of vitamins. Having a breakfast is very important, do not skip it. I know nowadays people is so busy. For the most of us it’s simplier and faster instead of having a real breakfast take something on the go or even skip it. But the breakfast can be easy, healthy and fast to make and not only breakfast. So spend 15-20 minutes on the kitchen and make for yourself and for your family a nice breakfast.


Papaya Berries Smoothie Bowl

Do you want a half of papaya for breakfast? Yes, please!) I so miss an island vibes, ocean, salty water on my skin.. Hawaii take me back) Of course in California we have an ocean but for the most time it’s freezing near the ocean at least in Northern Cali where we live now. There is no way you can swim on the ocean because it’s really cold. I mean reeaaally!) I’ve swum one time in Pacifica but I was wearing a surf suit)) There was 28F (14C) degree outside. And it were summer time. So I guess you got a picture)) But in Hawaii you can enjoy warm ocean and soak on the sun.

If you ever have been to Hawaii you know that a half of papaya you can find almost in each cafe for breakfast. Papaya offers not only a good taste and sense of tropics but is an excellent source of antioxidants vitamin C, vitamin A and vitamin E have each been associated with a reduced risk of colon cancer. The healthy food could be and it should be delicious that’s for sure.

In Hawaii usually a half of papaya serves with a lemon or yogurt. My version a little bit fancier. I’ve decided to add more ingredients in it. Ā All you need to make my version of Papaya Smoothie Bowl:


Pitaya (Dragon Fruit) Smoothie Bowl

There are a few days left to our trip to Hawaii. I’m so excited. My husband and I have been to Maui last year and we fell in love with this island. You can find photos from our last trip hereĀ

This year we are going to Oahu and I can not wait) It would be great if someone could recommend some must see or your favorite places in Oahu. Please share with me in a comments to this post.

If you want to add some tropical Aloha mood to your day or just nourish your body with vitamins here is Pitaya Smoothie Bowl for you.



Varenyky with Cherries | Perfect Breakfast

Happy weekend, everybody! From where I from (and I’m from Ukraine for those who do not know) Varenyky with Cherries is a very popular food. And now living in California sometimes I want to cook something traditional from the homeland) I know for you who does not live in Ukraine this food sounds and maybe looks weird but if you give it a try I’m sure you will love it. Varenyky is very tasty, sweet and would be perfect for breakfast.