My name is Catherine. I’m Ukrainian girl, but for the last several years I live in California with my husband and our cat). I’m Yoga Teacher, Healthy Food Blogger and Lover of Life. Here I will share my yoga journey, recipes of healthy food and my adventures around this beautiful Earth. 

My yoga journey has begun in 2011. I’ve started doing yoga because of dance. I used to dance and wanted to improve my flexibility.  But the more I practice the more I realized that yoga is so much more. Yes, practicing yoga can make your body more flexible but if your mind let you. Practicing yoga, you have a great opportunity to connect with your true self, be more conscious about living, different situations, choices you make and be able to find answers that you are looking for. 

At first, I was self-taught yogi but now I’m certified Yoga Teacher. In 2015 I have decided to improve my knowledge about yoga and got my 200 Hours Yoga Teacher Certificate. 

One of my passions is cooking. I’ve started to cook when I was 10 or so. The first meal that I cooked was Apple Pie that I was made for my mom. And since then I’ve never stopped to love spending time on the kitchen. When I had started practicing yoga I’ve started to notice that the food that I eat has a huge impact on my practice. So since then, I’ve started to fill my body with more plant based food and I love it. Healthy food is not just good for your digestion, skin and your glow. It also affects your mood and your state of the mind.

I want to bring more light into the world. I would like to open life for people full of joy and happiness through yoga and healthy living. I want to do something good in this life.. And maybe sharing my journey of yoga and healthy living will inspire you…

Send you love and thank you for your support. it means a lot to me)

If you have some questions or just want to say Hi, left comment below 😉


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